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PostSubject: NEW DOMAIN NAME!!   Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:10 pm

The Ribbon has been cut and we are now known as,

I tried over three dozen names that I wanted but this was the only one that was available -- oh well, had to settle for mags ... aka THE MAGNET! It's cool ... I deal with it cheers

This means that:

1. I'll need to change the banner .. for sure now!

2. Today marks the beginning of advertising and marketing -- which is time consuming ... but hey, what the heck. Perhaps I can get help from you guys [hint]

3. I'm open for any and all graphic requests, design questions, contest entries and will probably have to babysit sometimes. :flower:

4. Whatever else falls under the category of domain ownership and being up for grabs.

If you were visiting before, now you can go ahead and join the site ... help me out a bit. Offer your talents, skills, expertise, time, designs, codes, food!

Remember now ... not only do I design stuff, I'm also an avid game player. So do keep in mind is a combination of the two:


Time to rock 'n' roll, peeps!

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