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 The blur animation

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PostSubject: The blur animation   Thu Apr 01, 2010 4:31 am

Blur Animation

1. Type two different texts with the same color on transparent background with two different layers.

2. Select the first text layer. Make a duplicate. Apply the Blur filter on the copy.

Filters > Blur > Motion Blur

Angle : 0

Distance : 25

3. Repeat the same procedure for other text too.

4. File > Jump To > Image Ready 3.0

5. Click the black triangle in the animation Palette (Marked with red)

Select " Make Frames from Layers ".

6. Duplicate the 3rd frames and drag it towards the right of the 4th frame.

7. Duplicate the 2nd frames and drag it towards the right of the 5th frame.

8. Set the timings for frames.

9. Set the no. of time you want to play the animation.

10. Check the performance in the browser

File > Preview In > Click the browser you want

11. Save the file with
File > Save Optimized or File > Save Optimized As

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The blur animation
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